About Hilversum Media Campus

Hilversum Media Campus is the place to learn in the media industry. A platform that helps and inspires you, where you can create new ideas with others. Where students can experience the dynamic media world and where teachers and professionals can update their knowledge and skills. With passion for the media, understanding of business and a large network!

Why HMC?

The Dutch media industry is continuing to develop into a global player. Substantial television formats, attractive advertising campaigns and state-of-the-art media technology made in Holland: that’s something of which we can be proud!

At the same time, you can see that the media world is a dynamic market. Digitization and the emergence of new technologies offer media makers opportunities to develop new, innovative applications. What is needed is knowledge about the new technology and the nerve to creatively experiment with new concepts. Which makes the people in the media industry so important! The professionals that work in our sector, the teachers that prepare students for the future and the talents that choose our sector.

The new trends make specific requirements of these media professionals, so it is essential that professionals continue to constantly evolve. For education, too, it is important to stay in touch with market trends and translate these into relevant education programs to be able to successfully train the professionals of tomorrow. Hilversum Media Campus is committed to bringing education and business closer together. We connect people, organizations and education providers, co-creating educational initiatives in order to ensure that the Dutch media industry stays strong.

How does HMC do that?

HMC is a platform for (life-long) learning in the media world. Where we work together with organizations and education providers to identify how we can keep the education relevant and up to date. Where we co-create a springboard for students and professionals to get to the next level and together come up with bright, new concepts and develop additional competencies.

Hilversum Media Campus is geared to students, teachers and professionals. How can we ensure that they feel in the right place and get hold of the right tools and knowledge? And how can we organize this in a smart way? A lot is already being organized but sometimes you just have to know whose door to knock on. Or through the right connection make a training or education course that bit more relevant. HMC is an intersection for (life-long) learning in the media industry where education and business come closer together.

What does HMC have to offer?

Talent Development Program

The Talent Development Program (TDP) gives young professionals the opportunity to make a flying start in the media world. This intensive traineeship is a combination of working and learning in the media, with a focus on journalism, creation, technology & ICT, business and 21st century skills. Following the TDP, participants are multi-deployable within media companies, making the TDP the place for companies to scout talent.

Living Lab

Companies and organizations already undertake a lot of research and development but it is the exchange of experience and knowledge with other pioneers that is particularly valuable. So HMC brings together researchers, professionals, teachers and students together in the Living Lab to develop knowledge, collaborate and experiment in innovative media projects.

Community & Learning

HMC organizes various activities in the context of community & learning. For example, we offer students a look behind the scenes during Media Park Safaris, bring education providers in contact with guest teachers from industry and help companies make use of student teams to get to grips with a challenge. The site also provides a list of relevant education options, our newsletter gives you information about current themes and inspires you with new insights and contacts during our knowledge and network events.

Want to find out more?

Check out our website www.hilversummediacampus.nl and register for our free newsletter or follow us on social media.

Become a partner?

If you wish to find out how you can participate as an organization in the Hilversum Media Campus, contact Mir Wermuth via mir@hilversummediacampus.nl for the various partner packages.