Media Talk: Branded Entertainment – Advertising is dead, long live advertising!

Woensdag 15 november is het tijd voor de tweede Media Talk! 1,5 uur inspiratie met een spraakmakende spreker. Deze keer zal Oscar Bastiaens, lecturer in semiotiek, virtual reality en transmedia en storytelling ons meenemen mee naar de wereld van branded entertainment.

Welke typen branded entertainment bestaan er en hoe invloedrijk zijn ze? Op welke manier is branded entertainment een tool voor merken om hun consumenten te betrekken in onze digitale en connected samenleving? Is advertising dood, of krijgt het juist weer een nieuw leven ingeblazen?

De voertaal van de sessie is Engels, therefore we continue in English 🙂


Traditional advertising has been losing ground over the past years. The increasingly complex media landscape and an ever more connected society have caused our audiences having much more control and influence over the media consumed, when they want it, where they want it and in the form they want. During this inspiration session, Oscar Bastiaens will talk about the audience developments that have led to the point of their increasing control over the presented content and how branded entertainment has grown into an essential (storytelling) tool for brands to engage with their consumers in a digital and connected society. What types of branded entertainment exist and what determines their power?


Oscar Bastiaens graduated from the Master in Media Innovation in the field of digital semiotics in 2013 after his Bachelor in International Media and Entertainment Management where he had specialized in transmedia storytelling. He has been working at the NHTV as lecturer in the field of semiotics, transmedia, storytelling and virtual reality. He has been producing and directing several 360 degree fiction films, for example a film made for the Microsoft Hololens which premiered last April at the International Short Film Festival ‘Go Short’ in Nijmegen. Next to his work at the NHTV, Oscar writes and produces transmedia and branded entertainment at Whalebone & Greenstone. Moreover, does Oscar perform research in the field of transmedia storytelling, semiotics, and virtual reality.


The inspiration session starts at 6.30 pm and finishes at about 8pm . Location is the SWITCH (the black building with the On/Off sign on it), at the Joop van den Endeplein at the Media Park.


Are you interested to attend this inspirational session? Sent an email to to reserve a spot. Participation is free, but there are only limited seats avaible, and full = full.